If you want to have a productive conversation with another person, both people should do their best to avoid the Strawman Fallacy. What is the Strawman Fallacy? This is what I want to discuss in the video and explain why it is so easy to do. Given the ease at which it can be used within a conversation or expression of an opinion, it happens all the time. When you look at how the Strawman Fallacy works from a psychology standpoint, it makes perfect sense and is very logical. With that being said, just because something may make sense and be logical, does not mean it will lead to the intended results of a productive and fruitful conversation. If we as humans are going to come up with solutions, we need to be able to talk with those who may disagree with us. However, we need to take this even one step further. Not only do we need to be able to talk with them, we need to be able to productively talk with them! Let me help you understand what the Strawman Fallacy is so you can avoid it in your future conversations and help you to avoid wasting your time.

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