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There are many reasons out there on why day traders fail; however, it is my personal opinion that all these reasons can ultimately be boiled down to a single scientific principle: The Dunning-Krueger Effect. If you are a beginner day trader to the markets, then I do understand that it can be very annoying to “hear theory” thrown at you without any real life and practical examples. Because of this, I want to show you The Dunning-Krueger Effect in action with someone who I interacted with on my YouTube channel comments. I do admit the example I use is a bit extreme; however, by doing so, it proves the overarching idea how just how crazy powerful this effect can be. If things can get as crazy as you’ll see in this example, image all the little areas of your day trading knowledge and understanding that could be affected. If you want to learn how to day trade successfully and make money consistently as a beginner day trader, you need to be aware of all the potential hurdles and challenges awaiting you. When you are aware of the challenges, you will be better prepared to handle and overcome them. The Dunning-Krueger Effect is a stumbling block most new traders are not aware of, causing many annoying headaches and failures. Let me show you all of this in action and why you need to be aware of it!

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