Being a day trader can be filled with a ton of emotions. In fact, so many emotions that some of them you never realized existed until you started day trading online! Given we are all human beings, there is nothing wrong with feeling the emotions while trading; however, if you begin to act upon them, that’s where the problem lies. Our core job as day traders (or swing traders) is to learn how to manage the emotions and control them to the best of our ability so we can make consistent money online. One of the best methods I’ve found to control the emotions is to create emotions that benefit us and are totally easy to deal with. One of the best kind of emotions we can create for ourselves is a certain kind of stress. I realize this may sound counterproductive, but like me, I’m very confident you will absolutely love this kind of stress. How do you create emotions? How do you create this kind of stress? It’s all about your trading strategy and how you manage the trade you are taking part in. Instead of trying to explain here “in theory”, let me show you some of my personal day trading results that better illustrate exactly what I’m referring to.

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