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The Options Trading Video Diary

An Unscripted Experience
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Take a Seat! Let’s Have Some Fun!

The best way to summarize this content is to expect the unexpected, with the goal being to give you the most realistic look possible into swing trading with options. I accomplish this by creating all videos in “real time” so that no trade is being talked about in hindsight. Due to this “real time” nature, the atmosphere of the content is, as if, you were sitting next to me and we’re just having a laid-back conversation about the trade. If you are seeking some boring school like lecture, you should not invest into this content!

What You Can Expect

As the title implies, these videos are put together in a diary format where I track and discuss each trade as they unfold. Each trade contains videos that explain…

By explaining the above, it allows you to get inside my head and see the thought process I use for selecting the trades and executing them. After I have entered the trade, you will then get update videos explaining…

All trades of course have an ending point, so you will get videos explaining…

MOST IMPORTANTLY, at the beginning of each video, I use TimeAndDate.com to document and verify the actual timing of each video so that you know nothing is being done in hindsight.

Who Will Benefit the Most?

While I truly believe anyone can benefit from this content, the people that will benefit the most are those with jobs who cannot monitor the markets every second of the day. As you will see, the time I put into all of these trades is very minimal. After finding and executing the trade, it is a very hands-off process that just needs to be temporarily monitored.

I realize it is one thing to simply make the statement, “swing trading options is great for those that have day jobs”, but this content will show you in “real time” how an option swing trade actually works in the “real world”. If you are someone who needs a bit more convincing that it is possible to be a trader with a full time job, there is no question you will have your eyes opened.

Also Included…


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