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Volcano Trading

Mastering the Breakout Trade
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What Is This Training All About?

Find Stocks BEFORE They “Erupt” to the Upside

The “breakout trade” can take many different forms, but with this strategy, you will learn how to use the psychology of the market in order to place yourself in areas where the Risk vs. Reward is most in your favor. By learning the psychology of the breakout, you will have a whole new perspective on not only ‘where’ big breakouts occur, but ‘why’ they occur.

This training is designed to turn you into a Chart Geologist. The market is filled with Volcanoes (“breakout trade set-ups”) that are ready to make you money, it is just a matter of knowing where to find them, and how to trade them. Some of the Volcanoes are more obvious than others, but with the strategy you will learn in this training, you will be able to identify the two types of Volcano trade set-ups that exist.


Get Your Psych Degree

Many traders get themselves in trouble when trying to trade breakouts due to the fact they do not understand the psychology of not only the market, but also the psychology of breakouts. This training will give you the confidence you need to execute this strategy by teaching you all about the cycle of emotion that repeats itself over and over again within the market.

The training also focuses heavily on the money management aspect of trading. A strategy is only as good as the trader who manages it, so you will learn how to mitigate against risk and position your portfolio so it is in the best possible position to grow over time.

Get that Tactics… Step-By-Step

This training is all about details and in-depth explanations. There are no broad explanations that leave you with the feeling of being incomplete and worst yet, not feeling confident. All the strategy tactics are taught step-by-step in a very logical and easy to understand presentation.

The stages that the strategy is divided into are…

The Hunting Stage


The Stalking Stage
The Execution Stage
The Ninja Stage

As you can see, there are two stages of teaching before you are even instructed to enter into the trade. Everything is covered!

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