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5 Year Anniversary and 2019 Goals

Where did the time go??? It’s hard to believe that ClayTrader.com has been around for 5 years now! What started out as an experiment has turned into something I would have never expected. With that being said, there is still plenty more to do, so let’s talk goals for 2019.

Who is this beast I’m talking about from last week? Check out his extremely motivational story HERE.

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Hey, happy New Year.I guess I'm a couple days late.I'm not quite sure what this is gonna,it'll be the first Friday in 2019.Last Friday for the fireside chat I wantedto talk about a member that is just absolutelybeast moding it and he's kind ofwho I'm piggybacking my motivation off of for the year.If you missed that video, I'll put a link down below,go and watch it.The guy's a monster and I mean it in a good way.And it's something where it's like,I'm glad these people are the type of peoplethat surround me within the Inner Circle community,because talk about motivating.It was good stuff.But anyways, I want to do this video for multiple reasons.The first, just to hold myself accountableso that I can watch this a year from nowand say, how'd you do, Clay?And also, I kind of want to prove to myself,well, I don't need to prove it to myself,but prove it to you as viewersthat I'm not one of these all talk no action people.I want to get done what I'm talking about,because it's easy to sit here and talk about,oh yeah, I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do thatand then it's like okay, three months later,six months later, nine months later,and there's tumble weeds blowing byand nothing has really occurred and it's just,but now, I want to hold myself accountableand prove that yeah, I'm not quite as much of a beastas what Thomas was last week that I talked about,but I think I'm a decent sized beastand I can go into beast mode.And then also, just to offer some updatesto you as viewers and to then also open things upto feedback, suggestions, comments, constructive criticism,preferably, but I guess if you want to trollthen trolls are gonna troll and so be it.And then before anything else, though, a big thank you.Thank you for what?Believe it or not, claytrader.com has been aroundfor five years now.So we just had the five year anniversary and time flies.I don't know where the time went,but it went somewhere and we've been here now for five yearsand it's crazy to think of all the relationshipsI've developed, of all the places I've gone,all over the country as we do meet and greetswith members of the Inner Circle community.I'm met friends, as weird as it sounds,I've met friends in an internet chatroom,but yeah, it's been a great rideand even if you've never purchased anything from me,that's totally fine, but thank you to youfrom a YouTube perspective, the channel,over 100,000 subscribers.I got the cool little YouTube plaque.People leave comments, people click the thumbs up button,people subscribe and I appreciate all of thatand I thank you for, and hopefullywe've got another five years left in us,but a quick little note is thatfind something that you love to do,because I truly have learned that I lovewhat I'm doing here and I don't knowwhere the five years went,where did that time go?But I guess when you enjoy what you're doing,time really does fly.So my goals, what am I looking for?I better pull out my little cheat sheet herejust in case I forget.Well, let's see, where do I want to start here?Well start with, yeah, the actual stuff for ClayTrader,but I want to put together a psychology coursefor traders, because the mental gain is very, very importantand although within my ClayTrader University program,there's all sorts of psychology stuff sprinkled inthroughout everything.I was thinking about this and then I was like,I don't know, Clay, are you being paranoid?Are you being OCD?And another member and then a couple othersand then recently somebody was just like, hey,have you ever thought about just doinga flat-out psychology course on all the different mind gamesand voices that show up as a trader just to help youwith the mental gain, because you can understand charts,you can understand balance sheets,you can understand cash flow statements,but if you don't understand your mindand if you don't understand the voicesand how they're trying to trick you,then all that other stuff is kind of limited,to which I agree.And again, I do focus on it,so it's not like none of that is addressed,but I want to put together a coursethat really centralizes everythingand knock that out of the park.So that's definitely one of my goals for 2019,put together an awesome trading psychology course.I suppose if you have any names or ideas for the title,leave those down below, because as of right now,I don't know what I'm gonna call it.The other thing that I want to keep an eye out foris for real estate investing.I do invest in real estate if you're unfamiliarand now with the market kind of shifting,I think there may be some available opportunities out there.Am I saying that the market's about to crash?No, it's a much different situation than it wasabout a decade ago, however things are kind ofreaching reality, reaching that equilibrium point nowwhere okay, there may be some deals availableso I just want to keep my eyes out for those,whether that be a passive income deal or,there's so many things in real estate that you can do,but I am keeping an eye out and my goal is to,I'm not going to say to do a deal,because you never want to force a deal,just like you never want to force a trade,but I definitely wantto be a little bit more open minded with it.The other thing I want to do and I plan on doingactually relatively soon is I wantto launch another YouTube channeland I think we're gonna call it Clay Explainsand this is just where I explain anything.Believe it or not, it's not a sales pitchwhen I say I love to teach, I love to explain,I love to coach, whatever word you want to use,I actually do enjoy that and the goal hereis just to explain anything.I may have to go learn about it, but that's okay.I like to learn and then put my little twist on itin terms of how I explain things.One of the videos I did, What Is a Stock Market?I used pizzas and the feedback I got from thathas been very positive over the past couple of yearsso I just want to take whatever topic it isand child-fy it, if you will, how I just make up a wordand you just make stuff up to explain something.So that's what that's gonna beand from a business perspective,we'll just through Google AdWords on itand if we can make some revenue passively from thatthen from the business point of view,the income strain perspective, I want to get that launchedand just start to put some topics out there.I know where I'm gonna start.I think I'm gonna start with bonds and how bonds work.Maybe you've heard of that inverted yield curve,I want to break that down.So that's kind of one area, but who knows.Maybe at some point I'll be talking about photosynthesis.First, I'll learn how to say the word,but it's something plants do I think.Photosynthesis, yeah,where I think plants take the sun or something.Don't worry, I learn about stuffbefore I explain it on that channel.And then finally,I'm working on it currently, but I'm gonna launch,and I don't know if it's gonna be part of this site,I don't know if it's gonna be part of moneywithclay.com.It may just be a third site and then the other site's linkedto it, but the program at the top is going to beGet Healthy, Be Wealthy.And that's because I would argue,and I don't have actual data, but I would be willingto wager that if you would go and talk to anybodythat's got a ton, a ton, a ton of money,like they're loaded in money, but their health is off,they're having health issues, they can't walk a half a milewithout feeling like their heart's gonna burstout of their chest, I bet if you would talk to those people,they actually don't feel that wealthy,because in my mind, the ultimate wealth is gonna be health,because I don't care how much money you haveif you can't execute walking half a mileor you're just flat-out having health issues,because of many poor health choices you've been making.Then yeah, that money, who cares?Those people aren't gonna be feeling very wealthy.So my goal here is to, and I don't know exactlyhow I'm gonna do it, whether it's a courseor more of a six to eight week boot campwhere I teach you thing and jumpstart youto change your lifestyle and Clay,since when are you a personal trainer?I'm not, however, if you have been around awhile,if you go back, speaking of that five year number,so if you go back to YouTube in 2013, 2014,you'll see I look a little bit different.Some may say I let my health go a little bitand perhaps some may say I packed on a little bitof extra weight.So if you go back and watch those videosand then you watch the videos right now,there's a different thereand a lot of people have commented,wondering what I've done, how did I do itand all of that sort of stuff.And because, again, I do like to explain,I do like to teach and I do like to,and I'm learning as I put together what I'm working on,oh, I really do like this fitness stuff,which I don't know why that's shocking to me.I grew up playing all kinds of sportsso why, oh wow, I like, that'd be coolto help people get in shape.That'd be cool to help people build a healthy lifestyle.Why that caught me off guard, I don't know.I never proclaimed to be very intelligent, though.But that is what I'm looking to build out,like I said, whether it's a course or if it's a boot campwhere you sign up for six to eight weeksand the whole goal is gonna be empowermentthrough knowledge, because when you have knowledgeon why you should be making certain decisions,what those decisions are doing for you,that's gonna give you good motivationto go out there and make the proper choicesand also, just point blank, the fitness industry,the health industry, it's so scam-y.I cannot stand all the stuff out therethat's get x super fast,usually, lose a bunch of weight super fast.Okay yeah, you can lose super weight super fast,but is that strategy actually sustainable?Of course, no, it's not.So yeah, in 30 days you may drop some weight.And don't even get me started on the whole,well, actually that's water weight and not actual fat,but like I said, it's very sketchy out thereso I'm gonna take exactly what I didand again, this is no sales pitch, this is no Photoshop.If you don't believe me, that's fine.That's the beautiful part about all of thisis there's literally a video crumb trail.You can go five years back, four years back,see me on those videos thenand then you can watch the progress of what's gone on.Did it happen over 30 days?No, it was a lifestyle changeand that's what the whole program's gonna be about.How do you live a life in a way that's sustainable,meaning you aren't miserable all the time,which a lot of these health programs do is,yeah sure, you'll get results in 60 days, 30 days,but are these results actually,here's the key word, sustainable?No, because you're absolutely miserableand it's not a longterm life that you could actually live,but I went off the rails on that.But anyways, that's the other goal I want to do.So those four things, get the psychology class out,start the new YouTube channel, keep my eye outfor potential real estate investment ideas,and then build this fitness thing,build the Get Healthy, Be Wealthy program course,boot camp whatever it turns out to be.But this is where I'm looking for feedbackfor any of these things.Leave it down below, I would love to hear from you.And finally, I mean, what are your goals?Maybe typing something else out can help you feel,hold yourself accountable.But yeah, let me know.That may help out.That is what's going on in 2019.Those are the goals.What do you think, Nate?We gonna get these things done?I think so.You think so?It sounds like a lot of work for me, though.Yeah and Nate's been jogging.Actually, Nate, sit down.You hold yourself accountable with your goal for running.Alright, my goal for running is to run a 25Kby, what did I say, April?I don't know--I think it's April.For the planning purposes--Yeah, yeah.My plan is 14 weeks so whatever 14 weeksfrom last week was.How far is a 25K, how many miles?Like just over 15, like 15 and half or something.That sounds miserable.That's my plan.Alright, so that's his goal.You heard my goals.Get out there and get it done.If you are out there trading alone currentlyand maybe are in the market looking for a communityto join to assist you in your tradingor to just help you, give you another set of eyeballs,then I do have a private trading communitywhere you can trade alongside meand other experienced traders.So what you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information link so if you clickon the Inner Circle one, that is going to take youto the page where I explain all the detailsof what exactly come with the community,both the chatroom and the newsletterand then the other image that has popped upis a behind the scenes tourwhere you can see exactly what is going to be containedwithin the community.I take you through, like I said, a behind the scenes tourof everything and that way you'll know preciselywhat you are getting when you join.So definitely check that stuff out if you are interestedand thinking about wanting to join a community.And let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader