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Can I buy only a portion of The Trading Freedom Pathway because I only need help with ___________?

No. This is a complete program that’s designed to get you from point A to point Z. There’s no splitting it up.

If you were to purchase a home, you wouldn’t ask for a discount if you didn’t intend to use the garage. This is a systematic approach to success and you need all parts of it to become successful.

You may think you are already good at one portion of the process that is covered in the program, but you’ll quickly find out that the students who took the longest to find success, were the ones who thought the same.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard a variation of, “Wow Clay! I THOUGHT I knew how __________ worked, but after taking the class, I realize I only had a surface deep understanding of it. I was missing multiple details, that when added together, can really screw things up!”

I have not only designed this program to show you new ways of becoming successful but also to show you how to become better at the things you may already know. Remember, the program is not just based on my experience, but it’s the experience of MANY members who have given me constructive feedback over the years (which I mean in a literal sense – I’ve been doing this since 2013).

You must be totally and completely committed to this program if you want to become successful, so you must be willing to go “all in” and not “dabble here-and-there”.

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