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How long until I start making money?

From a sale’s tactic perspective, I should just give you some random number that makes my program sound like a magic formula… but, that’s not how the markets work.

Everyone is different. Everyone has different goals. Everyone has different current life circumstances.

I can say this though, you will begin making money via the “avoidance factor” immediately. What do I mean?

I constantly receive communications from people who made some mistakes that were completely avoidable. To be fair, the person didn’t realize these were mistakes until it was too late. However, the mistakes they made caused loses of money that are well beyond $2,497 (the investment amount required to join the program).

Stop and think about the power and profitability that “the knowledge of avoidance” will give you access to. If you can learn what situations to “avoid” (which is one of the areas you WILL learn about), that means those loses would have never happened in the first place. As Benjamin Franklin says, a penny saved is a penny earned.

If you invest $2,497 into yourself and learn something that helps you avoid a $2,500 loss (or more), you just paid off the entire investment into the program!

So, while I don’t know how long it will take you to “make money”, you will immediately begin to learn about how to avoid those situations that can lead to large loses of money.

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