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How does The Trading Freedom Pathway refund guarantee work?

This guarantee is based on honestyeffort, and your personal growth in confidence as a trader (in other words, do you feel as though you are making progress in your understanding of the markets?).

It is NOT, I repeat, NOT based on you becoming a massive millionaire success in only 30 days – sorry to burst your bubble, but the market takes more than 30 days to master.

With that being said, there are two ways to invalidate the guarantee.

  1. All training courses are available instantly via streaming video. There is also an option to download them to your PC/phone/tablet/etc. If you download any material during the first 30 days, this will be documented via our software (via the email address you sign up with during checkout process). Downloading of any content invalidates the guarantee.
  2. The guarantee comes from the fact that I am VERY confident if you put in the effort and work, you will be satisfied with the program. Therefore, you must show “effort and work”.

    “Effort and work” are being quantified as completing the first two classes and giving me the opportunity to personally help you. The second class, Robotic Trading: Skill Sharpening, includes study guides that should be printed out as part of the training course. As part of your Refund Request, you will need to send us these study guides showing that you did indeed fill them out and put in the effort. You also must give me a chance to personally help you. If you are struggling and/or need clarification on something, you must email me with your questions and give me a chance to help.

    If nothing has been downloaded, you’ve filled out the interactive study guides and have given me a chance to personally help, but do not feel any progress, then I refuse to keep your money. You will be refunded in total. That I can guarantee you.

*** Pay-When-You-Want $497 Payment Plan – this payment method invalidates the guarantee. Given this process is 6 payments, and the guarantee is 30 days, I hope you see how the numbers do not work out. If you don’t like the content after your first $497 payment, you can simply stop paying.

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