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Clay learned how to trade by himself, why do I need to buy his program? Can’t I do it alone too?

An often-overlooked concept is “making money through avoidance”.

What do I mean? I constantly receive communications from people who made some mistakes that were completely avoidable. To be fair, the people didn’t realize these were mistakes until it was too late. However, the mistakes they made caused loses of money that are well beyond $2,497 (the amount required to join the program).

Stop and think about the power and profitability that “the knowledge of avoidance” will give you access to. If you can learn what situations to “avoid” (which is one of the areas you WILL learn about), that means those loses would have never happened in the first place. As Benjamin Franklin says, a penny saved is a penny earned.

If you invest $2,497 into yourself and learn something that helps you avoid a $2,500 loss (or more), you just paid off the entire investment into the program!

But, if you want to go through the same struggles, blood, sweat and tears I had to go through, then by all means, you can do that. But if you want me to give you the straight-and-narrow pathway, then this is the program for you. Now of course, this does not mean you will never take any loses! That would be absurd! It does mean you have access to a person who has done many dumb things, so if you can simply “do the opposite” of these dumb things, you are putting yourself in a much better position.

I’ve had multiple people try to go out on their own and figure it out. They failed for several months, then finally invested into the program and had immediate realizations of how “far off the path” they actually were. That’s because this program has been refined and developed over the past several years.

Thanks to the online community we have, I am constantly getting feedback and recommendations on what can further be done to continue to improve the overall experience.

One example of this is with the live weekly webinars. Over time, members said,

“Hey Clay! It’d be awesome if you could bring on other members and do in-depth interviews with them about a winning/losing trade they’ve made”.

The result? Now part of the program and live webinars is bringing on fellow members from time to time to conduct these interviews.

One thing that has amazed me (but it makes sense when I stop and think about it) is how, over time, my team and I have seen a dramatic decrease in support tickets and overall questions.

That’s because the content has been specifically tailored to overcome any struggles you may have, no matter what experience you have or where you are geographically or from what walk of life you come from.

I listen to feedback and this has given me the opportunity to answer questions you have before you even know you have them. It’s kind of spooky in in a way! The bottom line is this, you need help and this program WILL get you where you want to be.

As a final note, I genuinely do believe in investing into your learning and “avoiding preventable losses”. HERE you can see all the money I spent on real estate investing education before I did my first deal. (one of the first videos I ever did)

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